First post from Whistler!:)

Hey all!

Sorry I haven’t updated this for a while.. It’s been a month since I left the UK and it’s been a crazy few weeks getting everything sorted.. But I’m finally set up in Whistler! 🙂

I’ll start from the beginning.. First we arrived at the hostel and realized that we had to drag our extremely heavy suitcases up a lot of stairs, definitely made quite the entrance! We then made our way into town, trying to familiarize ourselves and almost had a heart attack about how expensive groceries are out here!

For the first few days we ended up handing out resumes, looking and applying for various houses (the housing problem around here is absolutely ridiculous.. Some of the prices for what’s on offer is crazy, everyone is really struggling here trying to find somewhere to live for winter), we also went hiking around different places-it’s so so beautiful out here!! Can’t believe I’m finally here!

We ended up making friends with a group at the hostel and a guy named Phteven (but we called him Stanley), we ended up going hiking and on some very messy nights out with him!!

One of the highlights of our couple of weeks in the hostel was when we went to Garfs (one of the local clubs, always gets very messy!) and got very drunk, it took what is a 5 minute walk to McDonald’s from the club, took myself and Ash 45 mins to reach it! When we got back to the hostel, I was quite happily sleeping when I got woken up first thing in the morning by Ash going ‘Georgia who’s in my bed?!’ I was very confused as she had definitely been on her own.. Turns out, a random guy at the hostel had got so drunk and thought Ashs bed was his!! He was so wasted!

The following day the whole hostel was disgustingly hungover so a movie and pizza day ensued. I also heard back from a couple of jobs in the village and arranged a few trial shifts 🙂 we also went and saw a couple of houses-we went a viewed a house that was great, it was with several others, was huge and the shared bedroom on offer was massive, we really wanted it! We were the first to view it and had to wait for a week until we heard back.. We then went to view a sublet for October with 2 Irish guys that was great and we wanted if the house didn’t come through.. We couldn’t stop thinking about the house we viewed though.

I had my trial shift at Moguls coffee shop and absolutely loved it! The team are all so lovely, welcoming and friendly and I get to meet all the locals, they’re all so great, it’s such a community here 🙂 I now work at Moguls full time which I’m so happy about, I also work part time at The Keg as a hostess a couple of times a week-the jobs are all sorted, we were just waiting to hear about the house!

Finally, the wait was over, and we got the place!!! We moved in and met all of our new house mates-they’re great! Absolutely hilarious, I think it’s gonna be a great winter here 🙂

We’ve had a couple of nights out since we moved in.. I said I was going to do Sober October (it didn’t last long at all) they’ve all been very messy nights out..

Thanksgiving came around and the town was pretty busy, this was mostly due to the Turkey Sale that was going on. The sale is where everyone can get ski/snowboard gear for the season at much cheaper prices than normal. I managed to get some great boots, skis, helmet and my poles for $600-can’t wait to get out on the mountain now! We’ve had quite a lot of snow up here, especially with the big BC storm, so I’m really hoping it means the mountain will open earlier, everyone thinks it will so fingers crossed!:)

On the Saturday we had a house family thanksgiving dinner which was so lovely! We came home and Harvey was in his chef whites cooking us an awesome feast! He even made starters that he talked us through too. The meal was amazing! We then ended up drinking a lot of wine, played Heads Up, which was absolutely hilarious-especially the more merry we got! We then had a bit of a rave to 90’s music in the house (safe to say we all love a bit of S Club thank god!), after this we all thought it would be a great idea to bundle in a cab and then head into town for a dance at Bill’s (another great local place) and had such a great night-so funny! So glad me and Ash are in this place, we’re a proper little family-love it!! Can’t wait for Christmas now 🙂

Another memorable night was when we celebrated Tara’s birthday on Thursday.. We had pre drinks here and I got to meet loads of new people as everyone had their mates round for pre drinks 🙂 we had such a great night at Garf’s again and as some of the guys knew who was on shift, we were in the VIP section-it was a wild night, so much fun! That is until I left and rolled my bad ankle-badly spraining it again!:/

Had to rest for a few days, but I’m hoping I can get some physio in before the season starts to actually try and fix my ankle up a bit.

All in all, I’m loving Whistler life! Starting to really settle in now, getting to know the locals and with my little Moguls family, hostel group and the house family it’s all coming together 🙂

Just can’t wait for the season to start, think it’s gonna be epic!!:)

I’ll update you guys soon!
Georgia xx



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