My first post from Canada!

Hello all!

Well… My big adventure has finally started!!! πŸ˜€ on 13th September, after some of the hardest goodbyes I’ve had to do to my family and friends, (and one of the best nights out I’ve had), I finally flew to Canada!

I was definitely the one with the most luggage and it was all overweight which wasn’t ideal..but I wasn’t surprised… Classic Georgia move. Everyone on the group flight was severely shocked and kept ripping in to me! Haha thank god Ashleigh arrived and had just as much luggage πŸ™‚ Everyone was really lovely in the group, but myself & Ashleigh were definitely the loudest and maddest.. We then hit the prosecco at the airport which didn’t help!πŸ™ˆ

First off we had a stopover in Iceland, we ended up playing some drinking games with everyone and a couple of us ventured out in to the town to try and find a bar but it was all really expensive so we just headed back.. Turns out we were a lot more drunk then we thought!

The next day, we had a tour round the Golden Circle and saw Geysers, tectonic plates, Gulsoff waterfall and some Icelandic horses and countryside πŸ™‚ it was cool to see around the country but the weather was really bad-cold and very wet!! Iceland is also so remote, don’t know if I could hack living there!

On the final day we ended up going to the Hot Springs Spa which was amazing, but again, the weather was so bad! And I couldn’t really relax as I found out I had lost my purse! Hadn’t even got to Canada and had already lost something!:/ the hostel said they couldn’t find it either so I just had to cancel everything and deal with it.. First lesson learnt-keep things together and safe!!!!

Finally, we were on our way to Canada! We hit 3 hours in and Ashleigh and me went a bit doolally.. When we were flying across Canada and into Vancouver though, oh god our attention was there! It was absolutely stunning!!! I had tears in my eyes and felt so emotional as I just couldn’t believe we were finally here!! I’ve spent so long dreaming about it and it just hit me that it was coming true!

Immigration was easy enough and soon we were settling into our hostel and grabbing dinner. Our hostel was above a busy bar, a very busy and big hostel and right on the party strip known as Granville. Ash & I decided that we would get an early night so got all tucked up in bed, drifting off to sleep, when about half an hour later.. We heard a massive crash come through the door and that’s when Art & Jeff crashed into our lives!! Jeff was from Skisatchowa (definitely can’t spell it!!) and had recently moved to Vancouver, Art was from San Diego but was on vacation, travelling around and had come to visit Jeff for a few days.. They met last year in Oz πŸ™‚

They were already drunk when they came stumbling in and tried to make us go out with them.. We said no! we then sat talking to them for a good couple of hours, they were really cool and was definitely an interesting intro into hostel life for me! πŸ™‚ we ended up spending our time in Vancouver with them, and had such a laugh!:)

The next day, we had a SWAP orientation and ended up setting up bank accounts, IDs, everything to make us a citizen in Canada-so exciting!! Oh and my purse got found in Iceland! It’s currently on its way to us!:) we then hit the town with Art & Jeff and ended up at an Irish pub for a few, a good night but we were shattered so didn’t stay out for long.. I tapped out early as the boys said and ripped into me for!πŸ™ˆ

The next morning we caught up on some sleep and didn’t leave the hostel until about 2pm. We were in desperate need for some exercise so we decided we’d try and find a free gym pass to use for the day.. We found a very nice gym and all 4 of us went and did a session-we felt so much better after it!!:) Tonight was the night for us to experience the legendary Roxy bar. They had a live band on singing one hit wonders.. I could not wait!! Safe to say it didn’t disappoint! I ended up getting very merry at the pre drinks in the hostel and then somehow managed to blag everyone into Roxy in front of the queue to get our night really underway.. Still managed that after a few bevvies!;) We had such a fun and hilarious night, all of us were singing our hearts out and the band were awesome (we were not as Snapchat story told us so!). We came out of the club and they pedestrianise Granville (so cool!) so everyone piled out and if was entertaining to watch πŸ™‚

Safe to say, the next morning we were dying/ still very drunk.. So somehow managed to stagger down the street to grab some breakfast-man the fry ups are good here!! As is poutine… That is the best drunk food ever!!😍 Ash & I then decided that we were going to continue our active streak and head to Stanley Park to go for a cheeky cycle by the Seawall.

Well, when we got there we tried to rent a tandem bike.. It was absolutely hilarious! The bike seat was too high for Ash but was the lowest it could go, so her feet couldn’t even touch the floor and I couldn’t see in front of me coz of her arse! This was all happening in the middle of a very busy sideway and everyone was creasing up at us, me and Ash couldn’t breathe we were laughing so much!! We then opted for seperate bikes πŸ™‚ wow Vancouver is stunning!! How could anyone get bored here?! We had an amazing bike ride, all along the sea wall, viewing the totem poles, lighthouse, Lion Gate Bridge.. It really was breathtaking! Photos just don’t do it justice!!! After this we took a walk through Gas Town & China Town then ended up in Β the wrong part of town (Eastside :s) and quickly made a sharp exit, pretty much running up the hill to home!

After that we were shattered so just cooked some dinner and did some admin-resumes etc.

Our last day in Vancouver and we had to say goodbye to Jeff & Art, hopefully they’ll come visit in Whistler!:) I absolutely love Vancouver and can’t wait to go back there and explore some more very soon!

For now though.. Next stop… WHISTLER BABY!!!!πŸ˜πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸΎ





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