Sorry it’s been a while.. But I’m back!

Hey! Sorry I’ve been MIA recently.. This summer has been CRAZY!

First off.. Only 4 days until I leave for Canada!! It has come round so quick and I’m now starting to feel very excited but at the same time absolutely bricking it! I’m just wanting to get out there and sort stuff out, set myself up a bit more and then I think I’ll be able to relax a bit more 😊

In other news.. I’m a Single Pringle again so can keep you updated on my dating experiences once again.. I wonder what The Canadian dating scene is like… 😏

I’ve realized that I’m a lot more productive out of a relationship, I started to lose myself again by trying to keep them happy at the expense of my own happiness towards the end, but luckily I realized this and stopped myself, putting my foot down and realizing what I needed to do for myself. Sometimes you’ve gotta put yourself first! 😊 since I ended it, I have actually managed to complete my PT course and am now a fully qualified Personal Trainer & Gym Instructor! 😁 I can’t wait to put this in to practise and start helping people feel better about themselves! This is going to open so many more doors for me and I finally have that extra string to add to my bow ☺️it was a tough few months to complete, but looking back I can say I’m proud of how well I did. I met some awesome people who I hope to keep in contact with as they really helped me believe in myself that I can be a great trainer! I was a little overwhelmed at first and started really doubting myself.. But they wouldn’t let me give up and really supported me through it-so thank you guys!

Since passing, I’ve been helping our family friends slim down for their wedding and it’s going really well! Going to have to FaceTime when I get to Canada but where there’s a will there’s a way!

Preparing for Canada has been tough.. I mean to start with.. How do you pack for 2 years?! With only 2 suitcases allowed.. IT’S IMPOSSIBLE!! Preparing to say goodbye to everyone just fills me with dread.. I have my leaving do tonight so just hoping I hold it together for that!! Saying goodbye to my family and the girls is going to be the killer.. Really don’t want to leave them, I want them all to come with me! But I know I’ve gotta do this myself.. Just can’t wait to see them next summer, gonna be counting down the days and make sure they have the best trip when they come out!!😁

Anyway, I will actually be able to do regular updates on my travels so I shall keep you posted!!

Any tips for travelling by yourself/ doing a ski season would be greatly appreciated!!



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