Hi all,

Bear with me as I have no idea what I’m doing (or how this blog malarkey works…)

I don’t quite know what made me want to write this…maybe I’m missing the creative writing English lessons from school…

I just want to introduce myself really and then go from there. Firstly, this blog won’t be about beauty/fashion’ll kind of be my take on life I guess. An honest account of what it’s like being a twenty something navigating how to have a life whilst being flat broke and how to juggle numerous things whilst learning to work hard and party harder-trying to figure out that balance! It has no real purpose..boring for most people so I doubt many will read, but it could be good for the soul!
About me, well, I’m a 22 year old party girl and as my friends know, I am fiesty, bubbly, up for a laugh, very open, jump at new challenges and a little bit mad (also obsessed with TV/Film & sloths!). I don’t really have any boundaries in what I’ll talk about and encourage others to be the same, I think it’s great to hear others opinions and sometimes talking (or typing in this case) can be really helpful for others.

I would say I have more of an unusual life compared to some of my friends and what they’re doing with their lives at the minute (don’t mean that to sound dickish), I mean it in the sense that I’ve always known what I’ve wanted to do with my life and took some pretty big risks to launch my career, when others didn’t know what they wanted to so (some still don’t) I’m not knocking that, just giving a picture of different paths people take I guess. I dropped out of college after my first year to do an apprenticeship with ITV, my parents didn’t even know I had applied until I announced I had quit college and started at ITV HQ the following week.. Luckily they’re great and supported me even though they didn’t know the industry and luckily so far, touch wood, things have worked out ok. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes being freelance can be bloody hard, and sometimes wonder should I have done the whole uni thing, but I feel that it’s made me that bit tougher and I’ve learnt some pretty hard life lessons being thrown into a working environment and such a brutal industry at a young age, but I still love every second and count myself very lucky.

I am currently living back at home (trying to save money to go travelling) after living in London all of last year.. and working full time in TV & Event production. At the minute I’m working on a pretty big job which involves travelling to Shanghai, it’ll be my first time there and thought this could be a good way to document my travels through this job and further down the line. I know a lot of others are doing what I’m doing but I’m at a stage in my life where I’m at a crossroads (I’ll explain more later) and having a lot of things put into perspective and maybe some of my mad ramblings might resonate with some of you guys!

I would love to start conversations and interact with others on this site so feel free to message me. (Please go easy on the critique though, I’m a blog virgin!)

Anyway, I think that’s enough of an introduction.. Look forward to hearing from you and posting again!

Georgia xx


One thought on “Introduction

  1. Hi Georgia, I’m really impressed with your first blog and look forward to reading more further along your travels. It sounds like you’ve had an amazing ride so far, with exciting adventures ahead of you. I’ll keep reading even if nobody else does!
    Joel x


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